jueves 21 de marzo de 2019

Western countries TELL us we are all allowed to speak our mind because we live in a FREE Society. But do we?

We now live in a society in the West dominated by political pandering to "special groups" and if anybody dare say a tiny comment that goes against the grain of the dribble that is forced upon us daily by the "demonic" free masons who control the media and politics for the most part... well. We are all just labelled a bunch of racists, or something is wrong with that person, or i am going to call the police or the judge and sue that person, or let the intelligence groups monitor that person and so forth. This is a Great reason why otherwise sensible human beings shut their mouths and keep them shut indefinitely. I am one of those that keep their yapper shut for the aforementioned reasons.
And, let me tell you...this type of implied fear of consequence for opening your mouth and speaking the TRUTH and giving an opinion (under "supposed" freedom of speech which is going to possibly get you jailed for doing so) is not nor does not promote Liberty or Freedom of speech in any way, shape or form. In fact, it keeps sensible human beings from participating in a Democracy period. But, again, we only have the "appearance" that we are all part of a Wonderful and caring Democratic Society, but sadly far from it.
However, today i am going to stick my neck out because we are always told we have Free speech, we live in a Free society and equality for all and blah, blah, blah (when we all know this is just pure lip service) and state the following...
Sometimes i wonder just one tiny little thing...when muslims in their respective countries bomb and kill Catholics, Jews and Protestants (almost on a daily basis i may add) we rarely hear about it by the masonic controlled media. And, we definitely never hear of or get an apology by a muslim head of state for those killings and deaths perpetrated by muslims on otherwise peaceful folks that just happen to be Catholics, Jews and Protestants living and working in muslim countries. Why is that?
Therefore, i ask myself, why do some Western countries leaders bend over backward to appease the left lesbian/gay, tree-hugger, feminist, minority groups, and free mason crowds for their vote? And constantly apologize for every and any wrong that is done to a muslim? Yet Catholics, Jews and Protestants get NO such treatment in kind by muslim countries when they get killed individually or on mass?
Just some food for thought. Because remember...it is the same masons that control the media and politics that keep TELLING YOU AND I that we have freedom of speech, liberty and we are so lucky to be able to speak our minds in Western countries etc., etc. REALLY??
Well, if that is really the case then i just spoke my mind, and i expect zero retributions of any kind for speaking my mind because what i spoke is not aimed at hurting anybody, and i also state for the record that the death of any human being is not a nice thing to begin with as well.

jueves 2 de agosto de 2018


Portugal is the Biggest Racist country that i have ever lived in. I feared for my life there and i consider myself lucky that my family got out alive! I have never lived in such poverty (Sopas dos Pobres everyday) 40% unemployment rate and 60% of the population earn less than $932 USD per month, and that's considered Middle Class here! Within the European Union it is the worst of the worst place to live.
The bottom line is the bulk of the People in our poor country exist in a brainless comma that is fed by Ignorance, anti-Spanish hate, and severe Racism of pretty much everybody that isn't Portuguese! And, Portugal started the Global Slave Trade in 1441 so it is definitely NOT a safe place for Blacks!!
I found important websites that explain the Severe multi-generational Racism and Hate that exist in Portugal today, and i highly encourage all to read them and spread the word in order to avoid innocent, and desperate people from living or visiting there. Get educated on the Truths about Racist Portugal now.



lunes 30 de diciembre de 2013

What Harper and the M.A.D. have in store for us

What the Demonic Entity Based Harper government should do is cut 100% the bloody Chemical Trail Program instead rather than Void mail carriers. The Anglo-whitey Harper government of Canada spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually to fly planes in a Grid pattern ALL over Canada spewing heavy metals like Barium and Aluminum to "Modify the Weather"...i.e. they can make it rain, they can make it cloudy, they can make it warmer etc., and these heavy metals are the Cause for some forms of Cancer and Respiratory Problems. You are NO doubt asking yourself," Gee, I Never heard of ANY of this!" The reason you have not is because both the U.S. and Harper Canadian governments DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW about the Chemical Trail Program, and dismiss it altogether. They would rather You dumb whitey Canadians FOCUS on getting in debt, buying a Bigger house You DONT need, buying a more expensive car you DONT need, playing Video games to desensitize you from the Killing Violence within said games, Eating Trans-Fat foods (McDonald's, KFC etc.) and carrying around tiny IPad's & IPhones so you can get blurred vision over time, brain cancer over time and not to mention the carpal tunnel. They Don't want you to know about the unnecessary Fluoride in the water that is giving you Osteoporosis, and the chemicals in ladies Make-Up and Hair-dyes giving You cancer...they just say,"Poor Sheila, she just got Cancer! Let's push the Pink Cancer Ribbons". They Don't want you to think Abortion is MURDER because that isn't a child inside a mother's womb, it's a piece of pepperoni, it ain't human! No The Lord's Prayer in the classroom because that's Religion in Schools, and dogs and cats have Rights! More so than the Aboriginals who die on a DAILY BASIS but hey, they are not cats & dogs so THEY DONT MATTER! THIS is what the Demonic Entity based Harper government has done & it's time to WAKE UP FOLKS! FOCUS on what REALLY MATTERS ONLY and do NOT allow yourself to be distracted with minutia and delusional debt!

viernes 10 de mayo de 2011

Las Nuevas Embestidades Diabolicas de Moloch

The Moloch Axis Demoniacs (M.A.D.) invade Lybia now, as they did Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Then it will be Syria, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and gradually (like hairloss) the Monarchs of Europe & Moloch minions will enslave their denizens right under their own noses. What are YOU doing to stop them? Getting in debt, drinking fluoride water to dumb you down, drinking pop with ASPERTAME to blow the remaining brain cells, and getting FAT on genetically modified junk food...STOP! WAKE UP and STOP the M.A.D. by ANY means necessary. Once they have the populous turned into fat & stupid zombies texting & cell phoning electromagnetic radiation retarded, WHO will be left to stop them???
THINK about the above REALITY before you buy some piece of junk you really don't need or get yourselves further into unecessary debt.
BREAKING NEWS: U.S.A. FALSE FLAG OPERATION...now they "claim" to kill Osama (a dummy look-a-like) to boost Obama's presidential ratings just before the M.A.D. concoct another economic meltdown this summer and steal a few more trillion dollars from The People so the Fed can subvert more corrupt countries & bring them into their fold! The M.A.D. End Game is advancing right before your eyes. STOP THEM NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

lunes 30 de agosto de 2010

Celebrandon 5 Años y 20 mil Visitantes!

La Difusion de la Estafa Automotriz Moreliana hoy Celebra 8 Años y 26 mil Visitantes!
Esta pagina web es la unica en existencia que ayuda al pais Mexicano y global para advertir a los pueblos de las estafas automotrices. Es mas, tenemos un poco de todo para la gente. Temas politicos, el fluoro en el agua haciendote un atrasado mental, chemical trails en el cielo matando a todo, transgenicos en tu comida envenenandote, los Moloch Axis Demoniacos (M.A.D.) y sus embestidades diabólicas para el mundo, las mamadas cotidianas de los Judios, deportes, y mujeres tiernas claro!

sábado 28 de agosto de 2010

El Desgraciado Estafador de Expoautos Presiona autoridades Mexicanas para cerrar fuentes de informacion

Estas ultimas semanas vieron el brazo fuerte de la estafa automotriz Moreliana Omar Garcia Millan, o como es llamado en el inframundo de los rateros: EL CARA DE PUERCO, cerrar dos paginas web informativas!

La estafa es de verdad y como pueden ver damas y caballeros si fuera mentira entonces por que tanto esfuerzo por el CARA DE PUERCO para silenciar la verdad y que NO se difunda la estafa automotriz Moreliana?

A veces en nuestro mundo complicado hay fuerzas oscuras que NO quieren que una buena estafa/robo o el narco-trafico etc., etc. termine. A si es que estan dispuestos a pagar mordidas a las autoridades para TAPAR la estafa, como lo ven??

La unica solucion es DIFUNDIR LA ESTAFA AUTOMOTRIZ MORELIANA DE EXPOAUTOS y no caer en la trampa y hacerse victimas para esta bola de estafadores desgraciados. TU tienes una voz, TU tienes derechos, TU puedes hablar y decir lo que te parezca sin miedos de rateros. La Constitucion Mexicana esta ahy para protejer al pueblo y las fuerzas oscuras se pueden ir a tomar por culo...adonde deberian estar desde un principio.

sábado 14 de agosto de 2010

expoautos y global-bit Morelia son ESTAFAS!

Expoautos es una ESTAFA en Morelia! Es verdad! Es un negocio fantasma y solo existe para robarte tu lana. Mucha gente a sufrido calamidades economicas por causa de expoautos. Yo page 150 pesos para poner un anuncio de venta para mi auto y no lo puso y se quedo con la lana. Lo peor de todo es que leo en la red que quiere vender franquicias en el resto de Mexico para augmentar la estafa y temo que muchos Mexicanos inocentes van a caer en la trampa. Por favor si no quieren ser estafados NO hagan negocios con Expoautos y Global-Bit de Morelia.

viernes 30 de julio de 2010

expoautos la forma mas simple de perder tu lana!

Autos usados, autos nuevos, compra venta de autos en Mexico, la forma mas rapida y simple de perder tu lana en Mexico!!
Ahorita en Morelia, Mich. se apuntan chofer tras chofer de combis para protestar la estafa automotriz mas grande en el territorio Mexicano. Toda persona interesada para formar parte de la protesta puede apuntarse con Miguelito Hernandez en el despacho central de la AFI (Morelia, Mich.). Esperamos ver a todos ahy y el desayuno es completamente gratuito.

domingo 11 de julio de 2010

Informase MAS de la estafa de EXPOAUTOS en el PORTAL DE ESTAFAS MEXICANAS: Apestan.com

sábado 5 de junio de 2010

La estafa de Expo Autos Mexico se intensifica

La estafa de Expo Autos se difunde en el resto de Mexico y apesta TANTITO que el pueblo demanda LA BASURA AFUERA!!!
Millares de gente Mexicana denunciando a la empresa Expo Autos de Morelia, Mich. por perdidas financieras y el Judicial Juan Carlos Marquez este medio dia indico que la AFI siguira presionando...

viernes 1 de enero de 2010


www.expoautos.com.mx la forma más rápida y simple de perder tu lana en México! La estafa automotriz Moreliana. Y no se hace responsable por los comentarios que se realicen en la pagina web, es una ventana de escape para expresar las opiniones de nuestros lectores. En la vida y en cualquier pais adonde vivas, TU tienes el derecho de nombrar y difundir informacion de estafas sin tener miedo! Y para agregar, imagines publicadas forman parte del dominio publico via la red mundial a si es que si esperas privacia para tu imagen, por que ponerla en la red para empezar?